Forum News Service: Rural Minnesota faces its own drug crisis

EXCERPT: “On Tuesday, July 23, Sue Purchase loaded up the trunk of her car outside her Duluth home and drove to the Fond du Lac Reservation to make a delivery. ‘I was making sure she had a sharps container, Narcan, (fentanyl) test strips, HIV information,’ Purchase said later. Born in Duluth, raised in Cloquet and a veteran of social service activism in Minneapolis, Purchase started a delivery service that plays a unique role in the fight against drug overdoses and death in rural parts of the Northland. It’s a tough fight in places that lack the resources metropolitan areas have. ‘It’s difficult enough for people to make a decision to seek care,’ said Debra Wamsley, a behavioral health specialist at the University of Minnesota’s College of Continuing and Professional Studies. ‘Then when you have external barriers that are in place, whether it’s distance, lack of access, lack of treatment facilities, lack of choice about the types of treatments that a person might seek, it makes it even more difficult for people to get the care that they need. And ultimately, yes, it results in overdoses and deaths.'” FULL STORY: