Forum News Service: Dayton pushes for more broadband expansion money

EXCERPT: “Minnesota’s broadband situation is better than some other states, but 12 percent of Minnesotans, mostly in Greater Minnesota, have internet connection speeds slower than the state standard. ‘We’re not taking the elevator, we are taking the stairs on this one,’ General Manager Dave Wolf of Gardonville Telephone Co-op of the Alexandria area said March 28, standing alongside Gov. Mark Dayton and other broadband advocates. ‘A rural broadband strategy that includes a partnership between the state and the service provider is solving the ‘how’ and it’s creating examples of success that other states certainly will follow…’ he added. ‘We are having an impact on our local community.’ Dayton lobbied legislators to approve $30 million he has requested to help build out rural Minnesota broadband systems. The funds, like those in the past four years, would become grants to broadband providers.” FULLSTORY: