Fergus Falls Journal: Nonprofit Groups Push Bills to Help Rural MN Communities

EXCERPT: “Representatives from the Coalition of Greater MN Cities (CGMC) and the Greater MN Partnership (GMNP) are taking advantage of the legislative holiday break this week to make their way across the state and talk about what they feel needs to happen for the upcoming legislative session to have a successful outcome. Their primary focus is on getting projects funded, and believe the top three means to this are a tax bill, a bonding bill, and a transportation bill. The issue of highest priority, from their perspective , is the need to pass a tax bill and providing funding for local government aid (LGA). City budgets are typically made up of money that comes from property taxes, aid from the state (collected from sales and income taxes), and miscellaneous sources like speeding tickets and fees from water and sewer. Ten percent of cities in Minnesota do not receive LGA money, but it can make up as much as two-thirds of the budget of some cities.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2UvWiP7