Fergus Falls Journal: Connecting urban, rural Minnesota residents through listening

EXCERPT: “Working to bridge gaps in understanding between residents of urban and rural areas of Minnesota, Melissa Wray is passionate about finding the humanity in all of us . . . While she currently lives in Minneapolis, Wray grew up in Caledonia on a sheep farm. After hearing a continuous narrative in the news of the divide between residents of urban and rural areas of Minnesota, Wray felt called to bridge this gap. With her experience living in both rural and urban areas, she wanted to highlight a new narrative. She decided to create a podcast. Her podcast, ‘MinneStory,’ ‘gathers personal stories about community from Minnesotans living in rural and urban areas around the state. We don’t claim to have the answers, or know how to ‘fix’ the much-discussed ‘rural-urban divide.’ But we have a hunch that it starts with listening,’ according to the website for the podcast. Wray creates her podcasts by interviewing diverse people from Minnesota towns. Each episode features a new person and covers residents of all ages, careers and interests.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2vIoiVP