Duluth News Tribune: State report embraces tech-driven transportation future

EXCERPT: “Asked who she’d like to have read the state’s report about its strategies to adopt a more driverless future in Minnesota, Kristin White went straight to the point. ‘Anyone and everyone — anyone in Minnesota who uses transportation,’ she said. ‘We want to make this a collaborative process leading into the future.’ White is the innovation director for the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Office of Connected and Automated Vehicles. A sci-fi catchy ‘CAV-X’ for short. She and others from the office went around the state in the past year, coming to Duluth in November, soliciting input from minds across the transportation sector. The effort has yielded a five-year plan released in July with 65 recommendations about how to prepare for a further-aided and potentially driverless future.” FULL STORY: http://bit.ly/324m9lm