Duluth News Tribune: MPCA at loggerheads over landfills

EXCERPT: “It’s not just neighbors and residents spurning landfills anymore. It’s the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, which hasn’t authorized a new municipal solid waste landfill in the northeast quadrant of the state since 1993. The agency’s hesitance to do so has become an issue for local waste management authorities. Faced with the closing in 10 years of the Twin Ports’ Moccasin Mike Landfill in Superior, they are beginning to think about where the waste sent there from Duluth and the surrounding area, including parts of Carlton, Cook and Itasca counties, is going to go. They’d like to see a new municipal solid waste landfill in Northeastern Minnesota. But the MPCA puts landfills at the bottom of its waste management hierarchy, following (in order of priority) waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting and the processing of waste to energy. Anna Kerr of the MPCA called landfills ‘a last resort.'” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/2JhmxHi