Duluth News Tribune: A ‘mixed bag’ for Greater Minnesota as state budget bills become law

EXCERPT: “New grants will make child care options easier for parents to come by and WiFi more readily available in pockets of the state that haven’t been able to access it. Farmers will see relief through an ag land tax credit and additional resources that could help offset a tumultuous year for dairy and soybean farmers. And public schools around the state will see state funding hikes over the next two years. More workforce housing will spring up in rural Minnesota and clean water infrastructure will be built and repaired to help pipe in drinking water. But local projects across the state will be delayed and roads in some parts of the state will remain bumpy. What was promised as a One Minnesota state spending plan early on in the 2019 legislative session ended with a series of wins for Minnesotans living outside the Twin Cities but it came with some missed opportunities, too, said local officials and those advocating for Greater Minnesota.” FULLSTORY: http://bit.ly/30XWkDH