Digital Communities: Before it Can Have Fiber-Optic Internet, Bigelow, Minn., Must Meet State Standards

EXCERPT: “The Lismore Cooperative Telephone Co. (LCTC) project to deliver broadband internet to much of Nobles County is well underway, and Bigelow residents don’t need to be reminded that it won’t be coming to them. The undertaking, which will bring fiber-optic internet directly to hundreds of homes and speedy wireless internet to most of the county, is partially funded by $2.94 million from the Minnesota Department of Economic Development (DEED) Border-to Border grant program. Although LCTC originally planned to run its fiber route through Bigelow and provide fiber to every home, the plan was challenged by Frontier Communications under the grant program’s state-statute rules. In January, Frontier was awarded the challenge, and Bigelow was scrapped from the route.” FULLSTORY: