Brainerd Dispatch: Greater Minnesota coalition to tackle child care shortage, water infrastructure in 2020 session

EXCERPT: “In terms of local government aid, 2019 was a red-letter year that set the stage for the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities to push other issues it believes are hampering communities in rural outstate areas — most prominently, a hefty 2020 bonding bill to address a deepening child care crisis and numerous infrastructure projects. In a teleconference Thursday, Feb. 6, representatives spoke to journalists on top priorities the coalition is targeting during the upcoming legislative session beginning Feb. 11. Included among these representatives were Greg Zylka, mayor of Little Falls and coalition vice president; Sarah Brunn, Foley city administrator; Don Hickman, vice president for community and workforce development at the Initiative Foundation in Little Falls; as well as Bradley Peterson, executive director of the coalition. From the onset, Peterson said in a typical year the main focus of the coalition is to advocate for local governmental aid funding comparable to the needs of communities throughout Greater Minnesota. However, he noted, 2019 saw legislation that raised LGA funding to its highest rates since 2002 and numbers more in line with a healthy, robust budget before the Great Recession.” FULL STORY: