Associated Press: Lack of formal shelters for homeless in rural Minnesota

EXCERPT: “Cortney Zukauska doesn’t let herself get too comfortable. Ask her what she seeks five years in the future and her answer is simple. ‘Surviving,’ she said. ‘And raising my babies the best I can.’ Pictures of her six children line the walls of the house she’s renting here. Being a mother is Zakauska’s first priority, and securing this home for her children four years ago was no small feat. ‘It’s really the first stability — I mean real stability — they’ve had,’ she told Minnesota Public Radio News. Zakauska, 32, had spent most of her adult life off-and-on homeless, bouncing around Minnesota from the Twin Cities to St. Cloud to rural towns like Gaylord and Sauk Centre, wherever she could find a ride somewhere to sleep.” FULL STORY: