AGDAILY: Rural Americans now have a map to 2,300 free Wi-Fi locations

EXCERPT: “The gap between city and rural access to broadband has always been apparent, but it was made painstakingly clear during the coronavirus pandemic. In response, several organizations partnered to launch the American Connection Project (ACP) interactive Wi-Fi map. The map provides a free resource to help the public locate more than 2,300 free Wi-Fi locations across 49 U.S. states. The map includes Wi-Fi locations from Land O’Lakes Inc. and its ag retail owner network, along with several partner organizations, including 4-H, CentraCare, Compeer, Kentucky Farm Bureau, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Polaris, Inc., the Public Library Association, Tractor Supply Company and Watch Communications, and support from Microsoft and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.” FULL STORY: