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The State of Water

This newest article takes a look at the complex relationship between rural communities and one of our state’s most precious resources—water. Click here for the full article and infographic.

Who Owns Rural Minnesota?

The Rural Minnesota Journal 2014 is all online now. Throughout the year we’ll be addressing the question “Who owns rural Minnesota?” The first quarter’s issue is here, addressing the topics of mineral rights and forestry.

The Center has moved!

As a statewide organization, our first priority is serving the entire state. That’s why the Center is turning to virtual offices. The city of St. Peter has been a great host for the last ten years, but with the amount of time staff spent in the office, it didn’t make sense anymore to keep a permanent location. So we’ve bid St. Peter farewell and have moved to virtual offices as of the beginning of the year. Click here for the press release, and find our new contact information at the top of every page and on our Contact page.

Roads Less Traveled

Several trends are converging that could put rural Minnesota at the end of the line when it comes to transportation funding. Read our new report and the accompanying infographic on how the gas tax, political influence, and federal policy are creating a climate that threatens the quality of rural highways and why it is a big deal.

The Rural Reality: Manufacturing

The future for Greater Minnesota’s manufacturers looks bright, with better wages and a better economy. There’s one possible bump in the road, however, and that’s competition for skilled workers from the Twin Cities and other states.
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Field with Sunrise

Check out Rural MN Radio on our blog site, ruralrealitymn.org.

We’re posting our new radio shows and Center news and notes there. You can still find our older shows and all our research here on our web site, including the Rural Minnesota Journal.

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Finding the Voice of Rural Minnesota

Rural Minnesota is losing its voice. That’s the conclusion of “Finding the Voice of Rural Minnesota,” a study that found the state’s rural population is becoming increasingly left out and left behind on the discussions that affect our everyday lives. Click here to view the entire report.

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