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Stocking up

By Marnie Werner During these days of social distancing and #StayHomeMN, just going to the grocery store can be a daunting task for many among us. But as COVID-19 spreads, communities are also concerned about how to help people who can’t or shouldn’t go out, people who may already be sick and recovering at home, ...

Is telehealth finally here for rural areas?

By Marnie Werner, Vice President, Research & Operations Telehealth has been a long time coming. Telehealth is technology that allows people to access health care services over long distances. We’ve seen it in movies almost since movies began and on futuristic TV shows like Star Trek. It was pioneered in the late 1900s, with stories ...

Finding work or finding workers? Part 2

For years, the focus for economic development policy has been about “jobs, jobs, jobs!” Now, businesses and workforce development organizations are saying, “People, people, people!” Communities in Greater Minnesota are now recognizing that strategies focused solely on recruiting and retaining jobs have to change.
Rural Minnesota Journal 2012

Rural Minnesota Journal 2012

Who Lives in Rural Minnesota: A Region in Transition   Who lives in rural Minnesota? When the editorial committee settled on this for a theme 2012, the answer seemed obvious. But as soon as the discussion began to scratch the surface, the reality became more and more complicated. The truth of the matter, the committee ...