State of Rural Example Map

Since its inception in 1997, the mission of the Center for Rural Policy and Development has been to provide information and data from a rural perspective. Though many great organizations across Minnesota provide maps and charts on various demographic and economic information, areas of Greater Minnesota can be overshadowed by the significantly larger numbers in metropolitan regions.

It’s important to present data on Greater Minnesota from a Greater Minnesota perspective, where rural regions are compared to their metro neighbors within historical and demographic context. Our first issue of the Atlas of Minnesota in 1998 did so in print. Since 2002, we’ve been presenting the Atlas online with regular updates.

Updated with 2017 census data!

This latest update introduces charts that show economic and demographic change across time, making it possible to compare data points across regions not just at a fixed point in time, but also over time.

Both charts and maps present data broken down by county and in multi-county groups defining the degree of “ruralness” or “urbanness” of those counties. We also use planning regions and economic development regions, and all have been updated with the most recent data available. We will be continuously updating these charts and maps as new data becomes available.

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