Corridors of Commerce Good Start;
New Funding Remains a Priority

Gov. Mark Dayton’s announcement today concerning $300 million for upgrades to I-94 at Rogers is a good start for upgrading the state’s highway infrastructure, but more is needed, said Brad Finstad, executive director of the Center for Rural Policy and Development in St. Peter. The Governor’s commitment to finding ways to expand funding sources is very welcome.

Investments in Greater Minnesota roads are essential to the economic vitality of communities throughout the state. The importance of revamping and improving the transportation funding system is underscored by the findings of “Roads Less Traveled,” a report released earlier this month by the Center for Rural Policy and Development that explains how demographic trends and new federal policy threaten to restrict already-scarce funding for rural highways.

“We strongly hope the Governor takes the next step and works with the legislature to develop fair and sufficient funding sources to meet the state’s transportation needs into the future,” said Brad Finstad. 

The full report is available at