Research webinar: The journey to meaningful workforce participation among Southwest MN graduates

As labor force demand increases, more attention is being given to our high school graduates – where are they going and how do we keep more of them in our rural regions now that we have a plethora of opportunities available? This webinar provides an overview of our research report tracking high school graduates in Southwest Minnesota from 2008 through 2019, examining what sorts of education and career paths they have traveled. By identifying the types of high school experiences they had, we can better understand what strategies to focus on that might keep more young people in the region.

In this webinar you will hear from researcher Kelly Asche providing highlights of the research, as well as Carrie Bendix (Executive Director, SWPIC) and Eriann Faris (LYFT Career Pathways) who discuss initiatives their organizations have developed to help keep more high school graduates in the region.