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Note: Current Rural Minnesota Radio programs can now be found on our blog, ruralmnblog.wordpress.org. The Ruralmn.org Blog will be the new site not only for RuralMn Radio, but also Center news and updates, and anything else we think of. For older programs, please continue to check back here and on our RuralMn Radio Archives page. Thanks!


Welcome to RuralMn Radio, a production of the Center for Rural Policy and Development and KMSU Radio at Minnesota State University, Mankato. RuralMn Radio, featuring the Center’s executive director Brad Finstad and research manager Marnie Werner and KMSU’s Jim Gullickson, brings the discussion and information on rural issues to Minnesota residents.

RuralMn Radio can be heard on KBEW in Blue Earth Saturdays at 7:15 a.m. The program also airs on KRBI (St. Peter), KMSU (Mankato), KYSM and KXLP (Mankato), KWNO and KAGE (Winona), KLTF (Little Falls), and KMRS (Morris). RuralMn Radio is available to any Minnesota radio station free of charge. You can also download and listen to the programs as mp3 files — each is about 3 minutes long.

If you are a radio station that would like to run RuralMn Radio, please let us know. We’ll put you on our subscription list and we’ll mention you on this page. Please contact the Center if you would like more information on RuralMn Radio or to suggest a topic for discussion on future programs. Thanks for listening.

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