Introductory stuff.

Table of contents.

Julie Tesch, president & CEO, Center for Rural Policy & Development

On interdependence and why we need rural
Tim Penny & Charlie Weaver

Pillars of the rural economy

Minnesota’s rural economy: Much more than agriculture
Cameron Macht
MN Department of Employment & Economic Development

On people recruitment: Big Stone County and workforce recruitment marketing
Vicki Oakes, …
Big Stone County, MN

Youth perceptions on rural opportunities
Luke Greiner, …
MN Department of Employment & Economic Development

An open letter to the next governor of Minnesota
Kevin Paap, president
Minnesota Farm Bureau

A letter to the next Governor of Minnesota
Gary Wertish, president
Minnesota Farmers Union

Changing demographics

Demographic change in Minnesota
Megan Dayton, …
Minnesota Demographic Center

Memo to the next Governor re: About aging in rural Minnesota
LaRhae Grindal Knatterud, director of aging transformation
MN Department of Human Services

The immigrant population in Minnesota
Ryan Allen, associate professor of community and economic development
Humphrey School of Public Affairs and Minnesota Extension at the University of Minnesota

On the challenges of being an immigrant in rural Minnesota
Cristina Ortiz, … professor of anthropology
University of Minnesota, Morris