Season 1 Ep. 17: Vaccine rollout in Greater Minnesota

Center of Everywhere podcast
For the last ten months, Minnesotans have been waiting along with the rest of the world for a vaccine to protect us from COVID-19. Now that we have one, though, officials face the next big issue: how to get those shots out to the public. For this topic, we’ve invited back Sue Grafstrom, a CRPD board member who is also the Homeland Security Management Director for Roseau County and a Public Health Preparedness consultant for the state for northwestern Minnesota. We first brought Sue on for episode 2, back in April 2020, to talk about what the public response to COVID-19 would be and what we could expect in the coming months. Now we’re getting her perspective on the next big move in the pandemic, how to get millions of people vaccinated as fast as possible, especially in sparsely populated rural areas.