Minnesota Public Radio: Report: Greater Minn. suicides were majority of gun deaths in 2021

EXCERPT: “Gunshots on the Midway. Though the public remained largely safe, it was an unwelcome end to the ‘Great Minnesota Get Together,’ and another shot of trauma in a year seemingly riddled with bullets. The violence has left many of us feeling vulnerable. But a new report on gun deaths in 2021 suggests its not the public that’s most at risk. Nearly 70 percent of gun deaths in Minnesota last year were suicides. The report comes from Protect Minnesota, a nonpartisan nonprofit working to end gun violence. Communication director Maggiy Emery joined All Things Considered Friday to talk through the data . . . ‘And when we look at the demographics of where these suicides are occurring, last year, over 80 percent of them were in greater Minnesota. So we really have to look at what’s happening in our rural areas. How are we letting the people who live there down and how can we address that both legislatively and in our communities?'” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/3LmtTXD