Minnesota Public Radio: Duluth med school leader remembered for rural health care legacy

EXCERPT: “A man credited with inspiring and training hundreds, if not thousands, of medical students to become doctors in underserved rural communities all around Minnesota died Saturday. He was 81. Dr. Jim Boulger worked for nearly a half century at the University of Minnesota medical school’s Duluth campus, where he helped develop an innovative curriculum to help meet the state’s goal of training physicians to live and work in small towns that were losing their doctors. ‘I can’t even imagine what the state of Minnesota would look like in terms of physician workforce, without the work of this campus, and Jim Boulger, in particular,’ said Dr. Emily Onello, a professor in family medicine and biobehavioral health at the Duluth campus. ‘Every chair that he saw in that lecture hall was a rural community to him. That’s the lens through which Jim did everything. Is this going to deliver a rural doc to a community that needs it?'” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/3IW0NyZ