Minnesota Department of Health: Nearly 1 in 5 Greater Minnesota teens affected by parental incarceration

EXCERPT: “The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association, six county jails and other partners have joined together in a pilot project designed to help children and incarcerated parents maintain family ties. Having an incarcerated parent can lead to an increased risk of illness, poor mental health, substance abuse and poor academic outcomes, according to research done in partnership between the University of Minnesota and Wilder Research. However, staying connected can reduce some of the negative health and other impacts incarceration can have on children. The pilot program is focused on improving the health of children and their incarcerated parents by facilitating more than 3,500 video visits as well as having hundreds of parents complete parenting education programs in and outside of jail. This effort has taken on additional importance after the 2022 Minnesota Student Survey indicated nearly one in every five teens in some areas of Greater Minnesota are impacted by parental incarceration. This makes it one of the most frequently reported adverse childhood experiences in Minnesota.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/3GbPwbC