Letters to the New Governor of Minnesota

Family Walking Down Rural Gravel Driveway

What is “Letters to the New Governor”? A compilation of essays giving insights and recommendations by experts from around the state writing on issues of importance to Greater Minnesota. They comment on the ideas and motivations behind some of our most difficult policy questions facing our state, including the region’s changing demographics, the rural economy, the environment, infrastructure, health care and education.

“As we welcome our first new governor in eight years, this collection has become a key part of our mission,” said Center for Rural Policy & Development President and CEO Julie Tesch. “It is our sincere hope that the voices in this venue will offer understanding, which in turn will fuel larger discussions and create an aspiration for data-driven decisions.”

“The intent and devotion from each of the authors of these letters comes through in the truest spirit of working to make our state and communities the best places we can to live, work and raise the next generation of Minnesotans,” said Marnie Werner, Vice President of Research and Operations for the Center.

Despite what the title says, “Letters to the New Governor” is a publication for anyone interested in what is happening in the rural regions of our state. To read the collection, start here, at the Foreword.