KSTP-TV: Lawmakers continue fight for more EMS funding

EXCERPT: “Although Gov. Tim Walz and DFL legislative leaders agreed to spending targets last week that include $16 million for emergency medical services, many state lawmakers from Greater Minnesota continue to fight for much more to keep the system from collapsing. ‘There’s a crisis before us,’ says Rep. Dave Lislegard, DFL-Aurora, ‘and ambulance services that provide critical need to all the people in the State of Minnesota is failing and its failing to a point where it could collapse.’ Lislegard authored a bill calling for $122 million in short-term funding. “That only is a Band-Aid to stop the bleeding to be able to provide the service,” he told the House Property Tax Committee. One metro area lawmaker said she understands the urgency because her parents live in greater Minnesota where fast emergency medical services aren’t guaranteed.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/3VydN4b