KARE-TV: A self-service grocery store is thriving in a MN town, and showing others what’s possible

EXCERPT: “A self-service grocery store in rural Minnesota is doing way more with less, and it’s catching on with customers, while also catching the eye of other communities. In a small town with limited resources, Evansville’s Main Street Market has limited its staffed hours to just three days a week for the general public. But for members, there’s unlimited access with the tap of a key fob or cell phone. ‘I have an app on my phone and all I do is touch it to here and it unlocks the door,’ said Deb Evavold, who is among dozens of people who paid $75 for an annual membership. There are also three and six month membership options.  Once inside, customers can also use their phones to scan items and check out in the aisle, or walk up to a self-service kiosk. Dan Evavold’s family owns the hardware store next door. He appreciates his new neighbors, even though he hardly sees them.” FULL STORY: https://fluence-media.co/3cDQb9P