Finance & Commerce: Greater Minnesota cities asking voters for project funding

EXCERPT: “The city of Marshall’s aquatic center has long been a go-to place for swim lessons and family fun, but the center’s 1930s-vintage main pool and supporting facilities have been showing their age. The bath house and concessions building have code compliance issues, mechanical systems are deteriorated, plumbing systems need regular repairs and water line breaks are common, among other shortcomings. What’s more, the main pool has been losing water at an alarming rate. ‘We lose between 12,000 and 15,000 gallons of water a day from leaking. It isn’t that there is an obvious hole or crack. It’s just that the concrete is so porous because of its age,’ said Mayor Bob Byrnes, who noted that the pool is the second oldest in the state. The city has a chance to stop the leaks with a big assist from voters.” FULL STORY: