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State of Rural Minnesota, 2018

Each year, the Center for Rural Policy and Development produces the State of Rural Minnesota report, a brief update on the economy and demography of rural Minnesota. As policy discussions concerning rural Minnesota unfold, it is important to understand the past, present, and potential futures of our rural regions.

From Too Much to Too Little: How the central U.S. drought of 2012 evolved out of one of the most devastating floods on record in 2011

Minnesota State Climatologist Greg Spoden writes about the 2012 drought’s lasting impact on the state in a report issued by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. EXCERPT: “Minnesota is facing increased pressure on its water resources. This pressure is accentuated during drought. Minnesotans used a record amount of water in 2012. Even in a water-rich state ...

Renewable energy projects 5,000 jobs for rural Minnesota

While coal was once the dominant source of fuel for Minnesota’s electrical grid, renewable energy in Minnesota is leading the way for a fossil-fuel-free future.  A new study by the University of Minnesota’s Energy Transition Lab highlights that the clean energy economy in Minnesota is expanding, that jobs, ratepayer savings and economic benefits are being ...