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Rural Minnesota Journal 2014

Who owns rural Minnesota? On the surface, this seems like a fairly straightforward question, but scratch the surface, and it turns out to be a lot more complicated. Yes, farmers and people in towns and some companies and state and local government do own most of the land in rural Minnesota, just as they do ...
Rural Minnesota Journal 2012

Rural Minnesota Journal 2012

Who Lives in Rural Minnesota: A Region in Transition   Who lives in rural Minnesota? When the editorial committee settled on this for a theme 2012, the answer seemed obvious. But as soon as the discussion began to scratch the surface, the reality became more and more complicated. The truth of the matter, the committee ...

Rural Minnesota Journal 2010: A Letter to the Next Governor of Minnesota

Issue 5 of the Rural Minnesota Journal presented articles on many aspects of rural life and the economy in an effort to inform policy makers–and the next governor–about what is important to the residents of Greater Minnesota. Click here to read and download the full issue: RMJ: Volume 5, 2010  

Rural Minnesota Journal, Issue 1, 2006

In our first issue of the Rural Minnesota Journal, and in every issue after, we worked to bring readers information and analysis from the state’s top thinkers on the issues concerning Greater Minnesota and its residents. Issue 1 is an introduction to the broad issues and ways to think about them. RMJ: Volume 1, Issue ...