2012 Minnesota Internet Study: Digital Divide 2.0 and Beyond

• Examining the current state of Internet access in Minnesota and how the digital divide is redefined now that Internet access is here to stay.

2012 Economic Contribution of Telecommunication Companies Serving Greater Minnesota

• Please visit this link to read a report of the economic impact analysis program.

2010 Minnesota Internet Study

• Looking at the growth of broadband access and use for clues to what’s next
Full report

2010 Broadband speeds in Minnesota’s school districts
• An examination of issues surrounding broadband speeds in schools
Full report

2007 Minnesota Internet Study
• Tracking the progress of broadband
Full report

2006 Minnesota Internet Study
• Broadband enters the mainstream
Full report

2005 Rural Minnesota Internet Study
• An examination of metro/rural differences in digital technology adoption 
Full report

2004 Rural Minnesota Internet Study:
• Monitoring the rise of broadband use in Greater Minnesota households
Full report

Business, the Internet and Broadband in Greater Minnesota:
• 2004 survey of businesses
Full report

Broadband access in Rural Minnesota: 
• 2003 survey of broadband providers 
Policy brief

2003 Rural Minnesota Internet Study
• Tracking the rise of broadband use in Greater Minnesota households
Consumer survey

The 2002 Rural Minnesota Internet Study:
• How rural Minnesotans are adopting and using telecommunications technology
Consumer survey report
• The role and state of rural telephone companies
Provider survey report
• Examining the communications needs of Greater Minnesota’s companies
Manufacturers survey report

The 2001 Rural Minnesota Poll:
Asking rural Minnesotans questions on taxes, workforce development and telecommunications

Full report

The Minnesota Rural Telecommunications Initiative
Final report and recommendations
Preliminary report defining the issues